Product Overview

Colored Carboxylated Particles  (Red/Blue)

Our colored polystyrene latex particles are made by incorporating organic color dye into our uniform white PS latex particles. These red and blue beads are used in applications when color visualization is important for detection and are widely used in rapid (lateral flow) tests. These are also available with carboxyl functionality. Color intensity can be customized to suit your specific needs. Please contact us for details.

PSB300NM and PSB400NM are widely used in rapid tests.


Product specifications:


Rapid Test1

Figure 1. Red and Blue Carboxlated PS Latex used for Rapid Test and Lateral Flow Assay.


Latex Particle

Polystyrene Latex

Carboxylated PS Latex

Aminated PS Latex

Colored Polystyrene & Carboxylated Particle

Red/Blue PS Latex

Red/Blue Caboxylated PS Latex

Bright Fluorescent Particle

Polystyrene Fluorescent

Carboxylated Fluorescent

Aminated Fluorescent

Surfactant Free Particle

Surfactant Free PS Latex

Surfactant Free Carboxylated PS Latex

Magnetic Particle

Magnetic PS Latex

Magnetic CA Latex

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VBC/PS Latex Particle

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Colored Carboxylated Latex Particles