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Prismatic Linearity Beads

Magsphere’s Prismatic Linearity Beads are designed for optimizing the linearity and calibration of a flow cytometer and its PMTs (photomultiplier tubes). Prismatic Linearity Beads are uniformly-sized beads loaded with multiple fluorescent dyes at six specific intensities (see graph below for details). A single intensity peak with narrow CV (coefficient of variation) should be observed at each intensity level. We currently offer Prismatic Linearity Beads optimized for use with common two-laser and five-laser flow cytometers. Please contact us if you would like us to customize our combination of dyes to meet your flow cytometer’s excitation and emission wavelength specifications.


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Magsphere cytometer results are measured by BD LSRFortessaTM and analyzed by BD FACSDivaTM. Size and bead counts are measured by ZTM Series COULTER COUNTER® and COULTER N4 Plus.

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Figure 1. Cytometer data of a typical linearity bead.


Latex Particle

Polystyrene Latex

Carboxylated PS Latex

Aminated PS Latex

Colored Polystyrene & Carboxylated Particle

Red/Blue PS Latex

Red/Blue Caboxylated PS Latex

Bright Fluorescent Particle

Polystyrene Fluorescent

Carboxylated Fluorescent

Aminated Fluorescent

Surfactant Free Particle

Surfactant Free PS Latex

Surfactant Free Carboxylated PS Latex

Magnetic Particle

Magnetic PS Latex

Magnetic CA Latex

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