Product Overview

Fluorescent beads for multiplex: OEM

Magsphere Inc. possesses the  technology to develop multiplex beads in a logical manner.

  1. Synthesis of monosized PS, carboxylated or aminated microspheres from 2um to 10um.
  2. Loading these microspheres with a wide variety of fluorescent dyes that covers most commercial available lasers.
  3. Precisely controlling the amount of fluorescent dye loaded into and as wide as 8 decades of fluorescent intensity.

The 3 parameter combination of multiplex: microsphere diameters, fluorescent emission intensity, and wavelength, will allow X number of assays.

Magsphere Inc. welcomes an opportunity for OEM of your specified systems as partners.

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Latex Particle

Polystyrene Latex

Carboxylated PS Latex

Aminated PS Latex

Colored Polystyrene & Carboxylated Particle

Red/Blue PS Latex

Red/Blue Caboxylated PS Latex

Bright Fluorescent Particle

Polystyrene Fluorescent

Carboxylated Fluorescent

Aminated Fluorescent

Surfactant Free Particle

Surfactant Free PS Latex

Surfactant Free Carboxylated PS Latex

Magnetic Particle

Magnetic PS Latex

Magnetic CA Latex

NIST Traceable Size Standards

Flow Cytometer Beads

Count Standards

QC Alignment Beads

Linearity Beads

Blank Calibration Beads


VBC/PS Latex Particle

PMMA Latex Particles

DVB Particles

Non-Spherical Particles

Multiplex (Flow Cyometer)