Product Overview

Magnetic Particles

Our magnetic particles (often referred to as “magnetic beads”) are synthesized by embedding  superparamagnetic iron oxide crystals into a polystyrene matrix. We offer four size ranges (0.4 um, 0.8 um, 2 um, and 5 um) that are available as either unmodified or carboxylated. Our Magnetic Particles contains a broad distribution of particles.

These magnetic particles are often used as a matrix for preparation of immunomagnetic beads.  Our unmodified beads are ideal for uses that use ligand adsorption (hydrophobic interaction). Our carboxylated beads provide a surface functional group that can be used for covalent attachment. Antibodies can be attached to both types of our magnetic beads either hydrophobically or covalently. These magnetic beads are  ideal for applications such as magnetic cell separation, magnetic cell sorting, automated IVD immunoassays, and affinity purifications from biological samples.


Product specifications:


Magnetic Cell Isolation


Latex Particle

Polystyrene Latex

Carboxylated PS Latex

Aminated PS Latex

Colored Polystyrene & Carboxylated Particle

Red/Blue PS Latex

Red/Blue Caboxylated PS Latex

Bright Fluorescent Particle

Polystyrene Fluorescent

Carboxylated Fluorescent

Aminated Fluorescent

Surfactant Free Particle

Surfactant Free PS Latex

Surfactant Free Carboxylated PS Latex

Magnetic Particle

Magnetic PS Latex

Magnetic CA Latex

NIST Traceable Size Standards

Flow Cytometer Beads

Count Standards

QC Alignment Beads

Linearity Beads

Blank Calibration Beads


VBC/PS Latex Particle

PMMA Latex Particles

DVB Particles

Non-Spherical Particles

Magnetic Particle